Georgian Association for Applied Education and Development, AED

In 2017, three like-minded partners, Mikheil Svimonishvili, Philipp Egger and Tinatin Makharadze established a non-profit organization “Georgian Association for Applied Education and Development, AED”. AED’s objective is to develop non-profit activities in Georgia in a state-of-the art way of a cha­ritable organization, in particular facilitate applied education and development, develop cultural activities. SASC is a first project of AED. SASC is organized as a separate legal entity and is fully owned by AED. AED pre­pa­res the complete project for implementation and is responsible for fundraising.

Swiss Agricultural School Caucasus

Community College Swiss Agricultural School Caucasus is an unprecedented, nonprofit private initiative in Georgian VET education system. The main goal of the college is to serve as an example of a nationwide agricultural educational structure. The college, which specializes in cattle breeding, dairy and cheese processing, is set up according to the Swiss standards.

SASC will work in three main directions:

  • Three-year VET program in cattle breeding and milk processing
  • Training of teachers from state-owned VET colleges
  • Short-term professional courses/trainings for farmers and amateurs; farmers’ consultations

Along with theoretical courses, the school will offer practical trainings for students as well. For this purpose, a dairy farm and a modern cheese factory will be built on the college premises. Under the supervision of professional teachers, students will carry out daily farm activities themselves: prepare feeding for the farm, work in the laboratory, process milk, produce and sell dairy products in the school-owned store.