SASC is based in Dmanisi Municipaliti, village Sarkineti, 1300 m above the see level.

The whole infrastructure is newly built and commissioned. All the facilities are in the close proximity with each other creating comfortable environment for learning and living.

The main building is stretched on 100 meters, campus, school facility and the hotel rooms for invited teachers are all adjoining. Double dormitory rooms for students with a shortcut to the school facility gives students the possibility to relax and study without interruptions. In order to simplify the movement and make school easy to access, a single corridor system is used – one corridor connected to each and every space the student might need.

The main building occupies 1800 m2 and includes dormitory for 32 students, library, classrooms, cafeteria and an 8-room hotel.

The campus facility includes two new constructions:

  1. Teachers house for 12 persons scheduled to be commissioned in December 2023
  2. Training center to serve practical trainings in agriculture, scheduled to be commissioned in April 2024.


With support from our Swiss partners, the school imported 31 Original Braunvieh and Swiss Brown in the Mach 2021.

“Sarkineti Farm” – is newly constructed building equipped with the milking station, milk cooling system and all necessary amenities. It also includes a separate agricultural storage unit. For enabling effective trainings, the farm also includes a classroom.

The school has up to 100 ha agricultural land in use, which is partially used as summer pastures and partially for hay production. For forage production SASC also owns necessary agricultural machinery.

“Gomareti Farm” – In 2022, SASC purchased an existing farming property in the neighboring village Gomareti , 2 km away from the main building. The property consists of various agricultural constructions with a total space of 6000 m2. In 2023, SASC arranged a second training farm in Gomareti, with 40 additional cattle.

The cattle spend summer months on natural pastures and are fed hay during the winter. The milk from both farms are supplied to the dairy and processed further by SASC.


With a daily capacity of 2600l and a range of different equipment, the factory enables students to produce a wide assortment of milk products. Three cheese storage tunnels enable the aging process of different kinds of cheese. To monitor the quality of milk products, the dairy is equipped with a modern milk laboratory. The factory is planned and equipped by the Swiss engineering company Grob AG. For enabling effective trainings, the dairy also includes a classroom.

The current portfolio includes:

  • Semi-hard mountain cheese with various aging (4 to 10 months)
  • Raclette
  • Hard cheese, aged for 12 months
  • Mutschli
  • White mold soft cheese
  • Fresh cheese
  • Yogurt

The products are sold in some of the large retail shops and specialized shops, wine stores and through restaurants. The cheese is also exported to the US.